Sediment Jasper & White Topaz Silver Necklace

Sediment Jasper & White Topaz Silver Necklace
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Awesome, beautifully designed and unique Sediment Jasper and White Topaz gemstone
necklace, crafted in 925 sterling silver. This necklace is from a special collection
of top quality Designer Silver Jewelry, entirely handmade by the most gifted artisans
with the greatest silver works and highest quality hand cut gemstones. This piece of
jewelry is unique and can't be exactly duplicated.

Stone: Genuine Sediment Jasper
Material: 925 Sterling Silver (925 Stamped)
Stone Size: 30mm x 14mm (9 stones) (Sediment Jasper)
                 20mm x 8mm (2), 20mm x 5mm (2), 7mm x 5mm (5) (White Topaz)
Depth: 6mm (Sediment Jasper), 5mm (White Topaz)
Drop Length: 40mm
Necklace Length: 50cm (20")
Weight: 114g

Click on the link to find out about Metaphysical Properties of Jasper and White Topaz.

The picture is of the actual item you will receive, color of natural stones may vary.

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