Jul 242011

On this site you can find a special selection of exclusive, high quality, handmade natural gemstone and crystal jewelry. This collection includes one of a kind sterling silver gemstone and crystal jewelry in bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and silver chains. Each piece is unique designer gemstone silver jewelry. You will be amazed at the quality of the presented sterling silver semi precious gemstone and crystal jewelry.

The powers of crystals are often utilized by the means of wearing them as jewelry, and/or some form of adornment. Gemstones and jewelry have been sacred and meaningful to mankind since its beginning. There is something that these precious stones provide us with and for that reason we are intensely attracted to them. Most gemstones are very old (sometimes millions or billions of years old), and have endured some kind of miraculous traumatic force of nature that was necessary to create them.  For this reason, they are very powerful and when we wear them, we can be near that power.  Learning more about gemstone symbology and meanings can enhance our lives.

Because of the preciousness, beauty and power of gemstones, they have always been symbols of luxury, wealth, royalty and highest honor.  Crowns of rulers from every culture on the planet have always contained precious gemstones.  Staffs held by rulers to symbolize their power are traditionally topped with gemstones as well. The ancient civilizations all wore crystals as jewelry, one way or the other. Some of this ancient legacy can be seen in the English language for example. Analogies like ruby lips, or turquoise seas hint at constant interaction between man and crystals for a long period of time. The Ancient Mayans, Indians and Egyptians all pictured themselves with numerous gemstones adorning themselves. Even the Bible is “star studded”, with many references to turquoise, emerald, and sapphire. The breastplate of the High Priest in the Old Testament alone, had twelve large kinds of crystals adorning it.

Most gemstones are crystaline structures. Crystals are mysterious and beautiful things: naturally formed geometric bodies with interesting optical properties. Each kind of crystal is a bit different in structure and composition. These differences make them unique both in how they appear and in how humans can use their energies. Quartz crystal jewelry helps to balance the etheric bodies, stimulate the chakras, and provides a form of protection against negativity.  Usually a gemstone is given an enchantment, spell or other form of strong intention and then worn around the neck as an amulet.  An example of this is the evenstar necklace given in the Lord of the Rings.

Due to Quartz Crystal’s good electrical conductivity, quartz is preferred over other forms of crystals, but in certain cases, it may prove too strong for the wearer. One of the good things about quartz, is that it can be programmed. Quartz crystals have the ability to have their molecules “charged,” by concerted thought input. So, if you program good wholesome thoughts into the crystal, and then wear it as jewelry, it is believed that the crystal emanate the good vibes back on the wearer – all day long.

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